Skandinávie 2012

Skandinávie 2012 - Lofoty 01

If you expect something new, you are trully mistaken. At the end of May I travelled north again to purify myself. In Sweden I quickly reached the mountains Fulufjället, but there was still snowing. So I just visited the greatest waterfall in Sweden – Njupeskär. From there I headed to the lowlands in Mora and surroundings I renovated and also created some gardens. From there I started my rainy trip on a danish bike called Long John.

Scandinavia 2012 - Lofoty 02

In the next phase my friend Jakub arrived from Czech republic and we tried again to reach the Fulufjället plateau. This time succesfully. On the rocky plateau, with groups of dwarf birches and willows, we spend few rainy, but nice weeks. We explored quite an area, including ancient cyclic stone altar. We sometimes used huts for tourists, hiked around, fished and then cross mountain range to Norway.

Scandinavia 2012 - Lofoty 03

In Norway we continued hitchiking to the nord to Lofoten, where we caught end of summer and even fascinating northern lights. Then Jakub left home and me north again to explore Lofoten more. Then i passed Narvik and went south due to the autumn weather. I took a nice few weeks trip to colorful autumn national park Børgefjell. There I found undisturbed wilderness again, so I didn´t mind almost perpetual rain. When sky cleared temperature dropped down to – 10°C at night. From there I went still south, crossed Sweden and after ferry to Rostock took a ride on truck back home.

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