Nederlands 2005

Holandsko 01First roadtrip direction: Nederlands. During the trip to Amsterdam we have visited Naarden, the city that was built in the shape of a flower. In Amsterdam we just wandered through town, by foot or by bike. We said Nederlands goodbye by swimming in a gracht and we headed south. We only briefly visited Bruxelles where we saw famous Atomium, which was unfortunately just in repair. We traveled all the way south until we reached the very heart of France, Paris. We spent a few days there and we visited almost all local sights. And across Germany back to Czech republic.

Hitchhike to Barcelona 2007

LaperthusMy very first trip to the south Europe, across Germany to France and to Spain. Although the weather in Czech republic promised spring, in french Besançon was still snowing. I decided to head south, to French riviere. I passed through windy Provence to Marseille. From the coastline i headed west to Parpignan where I spend some time. BarcelonaThen i cross the border to Spain, passed Pyrenees and ended up in Barcelona. There I enjoy nice southern spring and city free of tourist before season. On my way back i crossed mountainous Swiss through Geneva, Bern, Zurich to Constance.

Italy 2007

VeniceHoliday trip to Italy, with short trip to Venice. Except of typically shallow sea, pizza and crowd of turists we in Rosolina Mare admire beauties of delta of river Pad and near natural reservation Giardino botanice.

Scandinavia 2008

VeniceThe first roadtrip to the north to Denmark through newly opened bridges to swedish city Malmö. From there we followed west coast of Sweden and crossed the boarders to Norway. There we among others visited national park Hardangervidda, the greatest plateau in northern Europe.

Scandinavia 2009

Skandinávie 2009 - Nahánění sobůInspired by last year’s vacation I decided to spend the whole summer in Scandinavia. This time I just  hitchhiked. The journey begun in May at southern Sweden. Then i headed to the north again, then to the mountains. In Funäsdalen I taked part in calf marking of Reindeers. From Funäsdalen I cross the boarders and took train to Bodø, above the polar circle. From there I used ferry to Lofoten where I enjoyed the full summer with it’s midnight sun. From Lofoten I followed coastline south.

Scandinavia 2010

Skandinávie 2010 - BergenScandinavia 2010 - HardangerIn May I hit the road again, actually this time by bus. I’ve been workin‘ at the fruit farm Bleie in Hardanger in southern Norway There I worked till August. After that I travelled with my family around and then alone headed North again. I reached Lofoten at the end of the season, cod fish had been dried already, turists were gone and the ghosts streets were occupied just by roaring seagulls and puffins. There I turned south and crossed the borders to colorful autumn Sweden. I was so lucky that I found antique but still functional bike. That was at the mountains so I enjoy the ride downhill to the coast.

Scandinavia 2011

Scandinavia 2011 - Honza na skáleAs every spring in the middle of May I answered the calling of the wild and haded north for the forth time. On the road again. Again hitchhiking across Germany to the ferry at Rostock. From Rostock I took the ferry to swedish Trelleborg. On the south the full spring was waiting for me. Roaring rivers, buzzing bees and whispering green trees. More


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